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21 Feb 2022

Horstman Produces First Gearbox for UK BOXER MIV Programme

Bath, 21st February 2022 – Horstman, a company of the RENK Group, is delighted to announce that it has produced and delivered the first Angular Gearbox destined for the UK Boxer programme.

Horstman Produces First Gearbox for UK BOXER MIV Programme

Following a contract award from KMW in 2021 the Horstman and RENK team has worked hard to reach this significant milestone. Investment in a new assembly area, equipment and training and with support from RENK using virtual presence technology has meant that we are now ramping to full production rate over the coming weeks.

Using the latest digital technology we trained with our RENK colleagues in Germany to minimise travel during these COVID times but were able to share assembly information in real time with full situational awareness using the REALWEAR HMT-1® headsets and software.

Real time links to RENK Augsburg enabled Covid-secure training to continue using digital worker guidance, and REALWEAR HMT-1 headset and softwa

All gearboxes have been made to the same high standards enjoyed by the worldwide Boxer user community and fully tested on a specially designed RENK Test Systems rig.

Build quality is assured by a final pass off test using a RENK Test Systems rig, just part of the inward investment by RENK into the UK capability at Horstman

Clint Southard, the Horstman Programme Manager, said, “It has taken a lot of hard work and patience to deliver the first gearbox but it is worth it. We are looking forward to growing the team as we ramp up production to supply to the UK’s BOXER programme.”

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Horstman designed and manufactured products have been integrated for many years throughout multiple, battle proven, British Army platforms and for customers globally.

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